Saturday, January 30, 2016

Eazy E - If You Really Want It

Manny Beats and Bootleg "Midwest Connect"

"Manny Beats" and Shanton "Bootleg" Perry Collaborate together on this fantasic show of 23 beats!! Varying from Old School to New School, Soulful Hiphop to Trap These two producers have alot to offer to the music industry


released December 16, 2015 

Produced by Manny Beats and Bootleg

Here is Manny's facebook

Psychotic aka Bootleg : Beats for Sale Vol. 1

This beat tape is letting every MC know that if you are gonna be in the rap game, you got to know how to flow. Here are the tracks that you NEED to flow with in order to get on a newer level than any other MC that's out there.


released February 28, 2013 

Album produced by Psychotic aka Bootleg (The Asylum) 
Executive Produced by Psychotic aka Bootleg (The Asylum) 
© 2013

Back For Good

With being busy with career in the military for past fews years
And juggling with that and  new additions to my family, and getting back to my music
After a hiatus. I can finally ensure that yours truly Bootleg, is here to stay and continue to post video old school music from mainstream to obscure soundtracks from 50s to 2000s. Be back to post soon and mean time view and download  some of my old post as well.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Back from hiatus watch video

Man it has been years since i been on this site....alot of things been going on the following video will explain whats been going on