Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Patrice Rushen- Prelusion/Before The Dawn (2 Albums In 1)

This 1998 CD reissues keyboardist Patrice Rushen's first two recordings as a leader except for one selection ("Puttered Bopcorn") from the first date that was left out due to lack of space. Twenty at the time of the earlier set, Rushen showed a great deal of potential for the future, potential that (at least in the jazz world) was unfortunately never realized. Rushen is heard on the Prelusion album heading a septet that includes tenor-saxophonist Joe Henderson (the most memorable soloist), trumpeter Oscar Brashear, trombonist George Bohanon and Hadley Caliman on reeds; the music is essentially advanced hard bop with touches of fusion. The later date has a similar group (without Henderson) and with guest spots for flutist Hubert Laws and guitarist Lee Ritenour. The R&Bish vocal by Josie James on "What's the Story" hints at where Rushen would be going in the future: straight to the pop market. So overall this CD, which should have served as a bright beginning for the young keyboardist, is practically the artistic highpoint of Patrice Rushen's erratic career.
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Gil Scott-Heron-Winter In America

Personnel: Gil Scott-Heron (vocals, electric piano); Brian Jackson (vocals, acoustic & electric pianos); Danny Bowens (electric bass); Bob Adams (drums).Recorded at D&B Sounds, Silver Springs, Maryland on September 4 & 5 and October 15, 1973; live at the Wax Museum, Washington DC; Live at Blues Alley, Washington DC in 1981. Includes liner notes by Gil Scott-Heron.Digitally remastered by Malcolm Cecil.One of Gil Scott-Heron's finest 1970s albums, WINTER IN AMERICA finds the ever-provocative vocalist/poet playing off the surprisingly gentle piano arrangements of Brian Jackson. Whereas other records (particularly SMALL TALK AT 125th AND LENOX) focus more on Scott-Heron's spoken-word missives, WINTER highlights the influential African-American performer's abilities as a singer, particularly on the soulful "Back Home" and the smooth, lyrically pointed title track, which superficially evokes a contemporaneous Barry White tune.While the first part of WINTER IN AMERICA consists of studio sessions, the final four numbers feature Scott-Heron playing live in Washington, D.C., with the concert recordings easily on a par with the more polished earlier tracks, as exemplified by his stirring medley of "The Bottle," a funky cautionary tale, and the percussive, chanted "Guan Guanco." Second only to PIECES OF A MAN as an intriguing mix of melody and rhetoric, WINTER IN AMERICA is required listening for anyone interested in Scott-Heron.
Plus There Are 4 Bonus Tracks on there too.
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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Brainstorm- Journey To The Light

Formed in 1976, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
Brainstorm were a Detroit '70's funk band.
They recorded for Tabu in the late '70's.
Brainstorm started in 1976, and one of their members, Renell Gonsalves (drummer) b. 13th July 1948, Chicago, U.S.A., was the son of longtime Ellington sax great Paul Gonsalves.
Other band members were:
Belita Karen Woods a.k.a B.B.Belita (lead vocals) b. 23rd October 1948.
Charles 'Chuck' Overton (alto / soprano sax) b. St Louis, Missourri, U.S.A.
Jeryl Bright (trombone) b. 18th July 1955, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.
Bob Ross a.k.a. Professor R J Ross (keyboards)
Larry H. Sims a.k.a. 'Leap' b. 25th June 1951.
Gerald Kent (lead & rhythm guitar) b. 1952
Trenita Womack a.k.a 'Bongo Lady Way' (vocalist)
E. Lamont Johnson (bass), later replaced by:
Deon Estes (former member of the Blackbyrds) (bass)
And Willie Wooten (keyboards) b. 1954
Brainstorm were formed as a splinter group from the band 5th Revelation.
They made an inspirational / message track in 1977, 'Wake Up And Be Somebody,' but enjoyed their biggest hit later that year in 'Lovin' Is Really My Game'.
It reached number 14 on the R & B charts.
Their 1978 album 'Journey To The Light' contained the tracks 'We're On Our Way Home' and 'Brand New Day', both popular on the UK dancefloors.
In 1979, they capitalised on the disco boom with their album 'Funky Entertainment' which contained the disco outing 'Hot For You'.
This album is remembered fondly by soul punters for the great soul ballad tucked away on the second side entitled 'You Put A Charge In My Life'.
Belita Woods co-wrote 'Say You Will' for L.J. Reynolds and had a solo release in 1973 entitled 'I Just Love You' on Epic. can check out Brainstorm's ex bass player, Lamont Johnson's website, right here...
or check what Gerald Kent is up to thesedays...
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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

April 24

Alot of things are Happening on on that day

1. my birthday
2. I Perform on stage
3. and alot of stuff i am too lazy to talk about
anyway im still gonna post more albums
and Even Post Some of my Beats Up on the blog

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sylvia- Pillow Talk

Before Donna Summer, there was sexy Sylvia. Singer/songwriter/producer (and later record label founder) Sylvia first hit the charts as half of the Mickey & Sylvia duo. "Pillow Talk" was her incredibly sexy #1 R&B and #3 Pop hit in 1973
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Hubert Laws- My Time Will Come

Ok back to the recording, once I was listening to this, I notice a variety of different kinds of music that's played on there: Latin, jazz, pop, classical and mostly sum flavored R&B IMO. It has feature guests incl. his brother Ronnie, George Duke, Joe Sample, John Patitucci, Ndugu, to name a few. All the songs are outstanding but my fav. has to be track 4 "Shades of Light" be'cuz of the flows and introduction from the band and Hubert himself playing all flutes (i.e. flute, alto flute, bass flute & piccolo). Such a great song.
As to say this a must if u luv jazz or actually luv flute players like Dave Valentin and Herbie Mann. Also checkout "My Time will Come".
"My Time Will Come" shows us why Mr. Hubert Laws is one of the best Jazz/Classical Flute players in the world!
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and check out his official web site

Neneh Cherry-Raw Like Sushi

Raw Like Sushi is recording artist Neneh Cherry's debut album. She was one of the first female rappers to popularize the genre, earning her the nickname "Black Madonna" in the United Kingdom.
An early version of "Buffalo Stance" appeared on the B side of the Morgan McVey single "Looking Good Diving". The single was not successful, however the B side was re-recorded with Tim Simenon of Bomb the Bass fame and Buffalo Stance was born, becoming a worldwide hit reaching #3 in the UK, #3 in the Billboard Hot 100 and even reached #1 for two weeks in the Netherlands.
The lyrics on the album are sometimes autobiographical, talking about school years. They are also influenced by Neneh's motherhood. Others speak of women allegedly trying to steal a man from another woman. All players and programmers are credited in this album, however Cameron McVey, Cherry's husband, appears as Booga Bear. Massive Attack's Robert Del Naja co-wrote "Manchild", and fellow member Andrew Vowles aka DJ Mushroom performs on "Kisses on the Wind", "The Next Generation" and "So Here I Come". "My Bitch" is a vocal duet with Gilly G.
The cover and inner photos were shot by renowned fashion photographer Jean-Baptiste Mondino.
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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Roy Ayers- Virgin Ubiquity 2

The genius of Roy Ayers knows no end -- and as this set of unreleased work from the 70s proves, Roy was always working at top form back in the day -- even above and beyond his classic albums from the time! The grooves here are tremendous -- funky, soulful, jazzy, and every bit as wonderful as the work that Roy did for his classic albums on Polydor -- and in a way, the whole set's even tighter and heavier than any of Roy's full LPs, because it's a distillation of his sound from the time, hand-picked from the vaults with an ear towards the kind of timeless grooves that have been a huge influence on many worlds of music for years! You've never heard any of these tunes before, but we can promise you'll love them every bit as much as Roy's tracks on albums like Coffy, Vibrations, Mystic Voyage, and other classics -- and the quality of the set only further pushes our jaw-dropping respect for the man! Titles include "Holiday", "Kwajilori", "I Am Your Mind (part 2)", "Touch Of Class", "Third Time", "Come To Me", "Wide Open", "Funk In The Hole", "Liquid Love", "Tarzan", "Sunshine (demo)", and "I Like The Way You Do It To Me".
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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bootlegbob Does Vinyl Records?

Been Busy the Past week
working at my job at hollywood video
(its sucks...)and Been workin on a couple of songs you will soon hear i hope you'll love it
but i havent forgot to post the albums i have.
Speaking of Albums
I went to the thrift store a few days ago (yeah i go to the thrift store)
I happen to run across a alot of good albums for cheap (REEaaaalllll Cheap .....$0.50 )
so i am trying to put the song to mp3 format
but i cant do it til I go back up to harold washington college (my friend studio time)
anyway Here are the following vinyl records im trying to post....

Alphonso Johnson-moonshadows
Peter Sarstedt- Where do you go to my lovely
Herbie Mann- Bird in a silver Cage
Weather Report- Heavy Weather
Weather Report- Mysterious Traveller
Bonnie Koloc- After all This time
Michal Urbaniak- Body English
Delegation- The Promise of Love
Deodato- In Concert Airto
Deodato- Knights of Fantasy
Paul Winter- Sun Singer
I also had Ramsey Lewis' "Salongo"
but the Record was Warped
I was Pissed..........

Anyway I Will Keep you posted for more albums im posting up.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Nina Simone- Wild is the Wind And High Priestss Of Soul (2 in 1 Cd)

I was Very Lucky to Fine this for cheap at the F.Y.E. music store (i think i bought it for $9.99)
Used too but it plays like new.
any way im posting this for the people are fans of the late nina simone.
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Starvue-Upward Bound

Starvue were a group based in Chicago in the late 1970's.
The group became popular on the North West U.K. soul scene via their tune 'Body Fusion'.
The song was penned by Judy Davis and came from their MR Chicago Sound album 'Upward Bound' in 1980.
Produced by Clarence Johnson, the album was re-released on CD in Japan, with the listings as follows:
1. Upward Bound.
2. Love Affair.
3. Body Fusion
4. Starvue
5. Put The BS Aside
6. Love Struck.
7. You And Me (Bonus Track)
8. Let's Hold On To What We've Got
The CD label was: P-Vine PCD-2931
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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bob James and Earl Klugh-Cool

Bob James' outing with guitarist Earl Klugh takes the listener on an extremely relaxing journey on this 1992 release. James' soft-edged keyboards blend effortlessly with Klugh's acoustic guitar, while Harvey Mason maintains steady, soft percussion in the background, and bassist Gary King jams gently along.
A true collaborative effort, all but two of the 12 tracks were composed by either James or Klugh, and they accompany one another throughout the recording. There are some top-notch arrangements, including Klugh's "The Sponge," "New York Samba," and James' "The Night That Love Came Back," which many listeners will find the perfect romantic backdrop.

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Phyllis Hyman-You Know How to Love Me

You Know How To Love Me was Phyllis Hyman's most successful album and was carefully tailored to become the artist's crossover breakthrough, with prolific producer/songwriters James Mtume and Reggie Lucas on board. The end result is a carefully constructed blend of contemporary disco-styled songs and ballads, some better than others, and the more routine tracks are always rescued by Hyman stellar pipes. The album never truly realized its full potential, but does include the song that would become one of Hyman's signature tunes, "You Know How to Love Me." The song was never a blockbuster hit, but has grown into a classic, covered by artists such as Lisa Stansfield and Robin S. Other highlights include the excellent quiet storm of "Some Way," which allows Hyman's husky voice to shine; the somber, sublime piano ballad "But I Love You"; and the jazzy saxophone ballad "Complete Me." You Know How To Love Me is as close as Hyman truly came to becoming a commercial force and is an important and essential chapter in this star's musical legacy. The album was re-released in 2002, boasting excellent liner notes by biographer David Nathan, rare photos, and a bonus track, "You're the One," recorded in 1977, which blends in perfectly with the rest of the disc. This is the case of an album that was not a blockbuster upon initial release, but, like a great overlooked film, has grown into a classic whose importance will only increase with the passing of time.
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Loose Ends-A Little Spice

Loose Ends comprised of:
Jane Eugene
Steve Nichol
and Carl McIntosh.
A Little Spice is the first album released by the English R&B band Loose Ends. It reached number 5 in the U.S. R&B charts in 1984 and featured the number 1 U.S. Dance and US R&B hit "Hangin' On A String"

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Diana Ross-To Love Again (2003 Edition)

"To Love Again" is a compilation album by Diana Ross. Following the success of 1980's diana produced by Chic the set was released in early 1981 and consisted of old and newly recorded love songs by the Motown diva. "It's My Turn" was the main theme from a 1980 movie starring Michael Douglas and Jill Clayburgh and had been released both on the soundtrack album and as a single prior to the To Love Again compilation and the title track was originally included on the overlooked 1978 album Ross. The two new recordings, "One More Chance" and "Cryin' My Heart Out For You" were both issued as singles.
To Love Again was to be Ross' last album of new material for Motown (before her return in 1989) after signing a $20 million contract with RCA.
In 2003 Motown/Universal Music re-released the album doubling the number of tracks to 20. Two of the tracks, "We're Always Saying Goodbye" and "Share Some Love", had been previously unreleased. It also marked the first time many of the songs appeared on compact disc.
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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Phyllis Hyman-Under Her Spell

One of the Greatest and One Of My Most Favorite Singers of all time....
Phyllis Hyman's soft, sultry, suggestive voice was featured on several pop/jazz and fusion hits during the 1970s and '80s. Hyman had the mellow, relaxed tone that struck a chord with the emerging urban contemporary, and fusion audience. The 10 tracks on this collection include the big hits "You Know How to Love Me," "Somewhere In My Lifetime," her cover of The Stylistics' "Betcha by Golly Wow" and the title track, plus others that weren't commercially prominent, but were equally indicative of her direction during that period. These include "Can't We Fall in Love Again" with Michael Henderson and "Gonna Make Changes." These songs remain her most successful and most memorable as a solo artist.
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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Dream Warriors-Subliminal Simulation

The Dream Warriors crafted a creative legacy that remains unmatched by today's crop of Canadian artists, reinterpreting their pronounced affinity for jazz and swampy boogie blues through bass-heavy, midtempo rap. As kindred spirits of the Digable Planets and Black Sheep, the Dream Warriors' music holds an appeal akin to those two troupes, being so ahead of their time that perhaps their genius can only be fully realized in retrospect.
Everything about this record screams mid '90s, yet it boasts a futuristic sparkle that transcends time, imbuing it with a timeless quality shared by De La Soul's early output and Black Sheep's debut LP. A droning stand-up bass introduces "Are We There Yet," paving the way for raw, insistent hi-hats/snares and the idiosyncratic flows of King Lou and Capital Q. Each track strikes a goosebump-inducing between the unmistakable sound of East Coast rap (the drum sound being particularly reminiscent of Evil Dee's) and the sultry chocolate soul of Donald Byrd and Miles Davis- the lazy grooves and affecting bassline of "Day In Day Out" provides a spacious soundscape, allowing for ample experimentation with cadence and vocal delivery. The Premo composition "It's A Project Thing" is unquestionably amongst Premiere's most subdued and elegant works, adorned with a restrained trumpet and warm synths. "I've Lost My Ignorance" adopts a decidedly more aggressive edge as Premo's barnstorming piano riff accompanies jittery hi-hats, Guru's unmistakably velvety delivery proving a comfortable match for Q and Lou. Elsewhere, album highlight "California Dreamin'" has an airy, boundless quality that is absolutely on par with Pete Rock's foremost work, its bliss-pop feel enhanced by the whispering horns that peer beneath the meandering bass and hypnotic rhythms.
This euphoric, breezy feel permeates the album and infuses the proceedings with a genuinely irresistible accessibility. With "Subliminal Simulation," the Dream Warriors celebrate the spontaneity that fuels both jazz and rap- from the inventive, tangential flows of both rappers to the spoken word interludes throughout the record, each supported by rambling stand-up bass and imaginative percussion, the Dream Warriors successfully recreate the night-at-the-jazz-club feel championed by The Roots and classic Tribe. It is an eternal tragedy that the Warriors never received the commercial acclaim that their more celebrated peers enjoyed, but you can easily remedy this situation and look into this record for yourself. A landmark in Canadian hip-hop and hell, hip-hop in general.
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Grand Opening Of Bootlegbobs

Plz Bare With Me Plz Just Created this today (apr 06)
So Be Patient
I Dont Not Take Request
I am Posting all Cds I Have in my possession
old and new ....(mostly old)
Hiphop and Oldies (mostly Oldies)

O'Bryan-Best Of O'Bryan

Multi-instrumentalist O'Bryan got into the business after a friend (who was in the choir he sang in as a young adult in Southern California) married Ron Kersey, who had worked in Philadelphia with groups like the Trammps in the 1970s. Upon her recommendation, Kersey got O'Bryan into a group he was forming. That quickly fell apart, but Kersey helped the singer connect with Soul Train impresario Don Cornelius, who helped O'Bryan land a deal with Capitol. During the '80s, he cut four albums and nine singles that made the R&B charts. His up-tempo tracks could sound something like a more mainstream Prince, though he tread far closer to the urban contemporary mainstream on his ballads. "The Gigolo" made number five in 1982, and over the next few years he had some up-tempo and ballad follow-ups. "I'm Freaky," which was reminiscent of "Gigolo," was the best of these; "Lovelite" was the most successful. In 2007, he returned with the ballad-heavy F1RST, issued digitally through the Headstorm label with plans for a CD version.

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Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds And Manchild

Before The Deele.....BabyFace Was With Manchild, Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds & Manchild is a career-spanning compilation that covers all three albums by the '70s soul outfit. They have a couple of good songs on this album such as "Especially For You" And A Cover song of Micheal Mcdonald's " Takin' it to the Streets" Manchild was certainly competent, and on a few songs Babyface suggests that he had the talent he eventually developed, but only diehard fans of the contemporary soul man -- or fans of vocalist Reggie Griffin, who later launched a solo career -- will need to explore this collection.
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Brighter Side Of Darkness

Brighter Side of Darkness was a short-lived American R&B/soul group from Chicago, Illinois. Their lead singer was 12-year-old Darryl Lamont; the other members were Ralph Eskridge, Randolph Murph, and Larry Washington.[1] They formed in 1972 and released the single "Love Jones" that December; it was a major hit in the US (US Pop #17, US Black Singles #3)[2] and was certified gold. They released a full-length the next year, but their second single, "I Owe You Love", was less successful, and the group disbanded in 1974.
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