Thursday, June 26, 2008

Plan B

Im about to go up to this college and go to the studio and use the turntable connect it to the mac and covert it to mp3
the first vinyl i will post will be maynard ferguson "conquistador" (see the Back ground pic)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pissed Off !!!!!

I suppose to have gotten the Record player today for $14.99 (regular price was 30 But my Mom and The woman is really cool with each other ) at the pawn shop and she gave my mother her word that she was gonna sell to her yesterday.
so my moms go up there to get it and the guy that witnessed her saying that said that he cant sell it because "Its No Price Tag On It".That is some Bullshit !!!!!
So my mom Took a trip up there for nothing .
This will delay me from Posting vinyl records i have......til then
Im still will post albums i have on cd.........

Monday, June 23, 2008


Im Finally Gettin A Record Player so i can Hear And
Post the albums Today so ill keep you posted later on what album i will post

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Donnie-The Colored Section

What a marvelously audacious introduction The Colored Section is. Emerging from the same Jazz Café-centered alternative Atlanta soul scene that nourished and nurtured fellow hippie-soul singer/songwriters like Joi and India.Arie all the way into the public consciousness, Donnie's first LP is a topical, unapologetically conscientious, and even righteously stinging declaration that, yes, can only be likened to the classic sociopolitical masterworks of spiritual heirs Donny Hathaway and especially Stevie Wonder. Songs like "Cloud 9" and "Wildlife," in fact, may be too indebted to genius-era Wonder -- the former with its wah-wah guitar and warm gusts of squelchy synth vibrato, the latter with its prominent clavinet and crisp harmonica ad-libs -- but are such stunning vintage impersonations that both easily could have slipped somewhere onto Innervisions. No matter from which angle you choose to approach such a statement, it couldn't really be taken as a criticism, nor should it be with The Colored Section. The music is consistently empowered and empowering: gracefully buttery, always deeply moving, and at its core profoundly idealistic. Generous melodies abound, rising from a gospel-derived groundwork, spun around street-tinged jazz rhythms, and enlivened by wonderful touches of humor like the Dixie frills of "Big Black Buck" that underscore an otherwise valuable criticism of consumerist society. And lest Donnie be dismissed as an imitator (a studied, well-versed disciple clearly, yes, but certainly not a clone), he explores a wealth of his own refreshingly original ideas, stretching out with genuine invention (the gorgeous cosmic explorations of "Heaven Sent," the jittery electronic backdrop of "Masterplan") as often as he reaches backwards into retro styles (invigorating bossa nova on "Do You Know?," the romantic, Baroque string arrangement of "Turn Around"). It is as bold and self-assured a debut as soul music has seen since D'Angelo's Brown Sugar. It falls just short of brilliance only because it borrows a few tricks too many from its obvious musical models, but even with its flaws, the album is such a vivid, radiant outpouring of soul-stirring talent and passion that it could fill two hearts. ~ Stanton Swihart, All Music Guide
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Gloria Edwards-Soul Queen Of Texas:The Crazy Cajun Recordings

A much-needed look at the deep deep deep soul talents of Gloria Edwards -- a very hip Texas singer from the 70s with an excellent voice! Gloria's great in just about any setting here -- from southern funk, to sad ballad material, to some of the set's more straight soul numbers -- and the package offers a whopping 21 tracks of Gloria's work for the Crazy Cajun label, more than enough to get you started dipping into her rich bag of talents. Titles include "Settled For Less", "Tell You About A Feeling", "Pushover", "Lonely Girl", "Don't Mess With My Man", "I Don't Need Nobody", "Anything You Want", and "Just Enough Woman". © 1996-2008, Dusty Groove America, Inc.
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The Fifth Dimension-Live! Plus Studio Recordings

Live! Plus Studio Recordings is a collection of some of the better known tracks performed by the Fifth Dimension. Although the band had a huge hit with their version of "Aquarius," that song is nowhere to be found here. Instead, what this album shows is a band that helped create the fast-paced funk music that would eventually turn into disco as the '70s progressed. As a funk band, the Fifth Dimension is adequate, but nothing special. They simply do not have an aspect of their sound that makes them stand out, making their music sound more like a background soundtrack than anything else. Still, this is at least competently done and fans of the band may find this very enjoyable. Just be warned that this does not substitute for a greatest hits at all. This is much more of a rarities collection than anything. ~ Bradley Torreano, All Music Guide

Tip: You Can Find Good Music No Matter What Store You Go To Because I Ran Across This At Walgreens Drug Store Down The Street From Me,


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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Betty Wright- Very Best of Betty Wright

Rhino's Very Best of Betty Wright collects some of the soul diva's definitive tracks, including her first Top 40 hit "Girls Can't Do What the Guys Do," her 1971 Top 10 hit "Clean Up Woman," "Let Me Your Lovemaker," her 1974 Grammy winner "Where Is the Love," and "I'm Gettin' Tired Baby." Though it's not as extensive as the label's earlier compilation The Best of Betty Wright, this album does present most of her major singles as well as a few representative album tracks. ~ Heather Phares, All Music Guide
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Friday, June 20, 2008

The Crusaders- Finest Hour

The core band of the Crusaders--Wilton Felder on tenor saxophone and bass, Joe Sample on keyboards, and Stix Hooper on drums--first got together in high school in the 1950s to play modern jazz. Throughout their early career as the Jazz Crusaders, they emphasized the roots side of hard bop with strong infusions of funk, soul, and gospel, making them naturals for the rise of fusion. They reached the peak of their success in the 1970s on a series of GRP records that provides the sources for this Finest Hour collection. The band had become increasingly electronic and studio-oriented, and the result is instrumental R&B that effectively mixes Felder's powerful tenor with Hooper's strong rhythmic grooves and Sample's layered keyboards and arrangements. The early tracks get additional solo contributions from trombonist Wayne Henderson and guitarist Larry Cramer, while Randy Crawford's vocal adds another dimension to the extended "Street Beat." Sample's ballad "It Happens Everyday" shows just how lyrical the band could get.
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Joe Cocker-One Night of Sin

Joe Cocker's "One Night Of Sin" was not only one of Joe's more popular modern day albums but showed the english soul shouter in fine vintage form with his voice as strong as ever. The top ten smash "When The Night Comes" is just the beginning of an album loaded with top notch songs. Producer Charlie Midnight really gets Joe rocking on tunes like"Just To Keep From Drowning" and "Bad Bad Sign"[not to many modern day singers can match this vocal performance]. Long time musical friend Chris Stainton is back on keyboards providing that hard driving piano sound that was so prominent during their Maddogs and Englishman heyday. Joe also belts out great covers of "Fever" and "Iv'e Got To Use My Imagination". The ballads on this cd are sung in typical gut wrenching Joe cocker style. A truly solid musical effort not to be missed.
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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hi-tek - HiTeknology

Hi Tek, one of the best hip-hop producers/DJ's out there today, helped make Talib Kweli's "Train Of Thought" one of the best hip-hop albums to date with his stellar production on every track. On his own release Hi-Tek does himself justice beat and production wise, but some of the talent he calls in just doesn't match up to the the MC's on there like Talib Kweli, COmmon, Mos Def and Buckshot. Standout songs "Theme from Hi-Tek" & "The illest it gets", pick it up and support Hi-Tek and all the Rawkus artists.
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Les Nubians-Princesses Nubiennes

If you don't understand French, then good luck understanding most of what Les Nubians say. Then again, you really don't have to know. These talented sisters from France sculpt one of the most winning world albums in decades, "Princesses Nubians," a blend of jazz, soul, funk and hip-hop.
Starting off with the smooth "Demain," Helene and Celia run the gamut with gentle European-influenced melodies ("Les Portes du Souvenir," the guitar-heavy "Voyager"), a couple of pleasant interludes, jazz (the upbeat "Makeda"), French-funk (the delicious "Tabou"), and poppy hip-hop (the only English track, the chipper "Sugar Cane").
French cool and African soul seem like an unlikely musical fusion, but Les Nubians manage it very well. It's fresh, unabashedly sweet-sounding and has a vibrancy missing from most music. What is more, these two have gathered a wealth of different musical influences and patched them together into a unique sound, without a dull moment. Dancy? Definitely. Lightweight? Absolutely not. 
Their vocals are smooth and strong; it doesn't matter for a second if you don't understand any French beyond "Garcon." There's enough emotion in their voices to tell you just what you should feel without the words. Heavy foot-thumping percussion is woven together with piano, acoustic guitar, saxophone and violins.
Rich and full of life, "Princesses Nubians" is a a rewarding collection of eclectic songs by a pair of deeply talented musicians. Elegant, sultry and highly recommended.

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Re-Up The Legacy of phyllis hyman

I think Everyone Was Really Waiting For Me To Post This One More Than The Other Phyllis Hyman I Posted....Anyway...There have been numerous attempts at summarizing Phyllis Hyman's career on one disc. Most have been severely flawed, whether it has come down to missing hit singles or poor selection of album cuts. And while Hyman didn't have that many chart hits (at least when compared to several of her contemporaries), there has always been the need for a doubledisc compilation that goes deeper allowing space for all the major singles and album cuts that deserve more attention. The Legacy of Phyllis Hyman fills that void. Although it might be a little too much for the person who just wants the songs heard on the radio, it's the next best thing to having all of her studio albums (all of which are spotty in varying degrees).

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