Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bootlegbob Does Vinyl Records?

Been Busy the Past week
working at my job at hollywood video
(its sucks...)and Been workin on a couple of songs you will soon hear i hope you'll love it
but i havent forgot to post the albums i have.
Speaking of Albums
I went to the thrift store a few days ago (yeah i go to the thrift store)
I happen to run across a alot of good albums for cheap (REEaaaalllll Cheap .....$0.50 )
so i am trying to put the song to mp3 format
but i cant do it til I go back up to harold washington college (my friend studio time)
anyway Here are the following vinyl records im trying to post....

Alphonso Johnson-moonshadows
Peter Sarstedt- Where do you go to my lovely
Herbie Mann- Bird in a silver Cage
Weather Report- Heavy Weather
Weather Report- Mysterious Traveller
Bonnie Koloc- After all This time
Michal Urbaniak- Body English
Delegation- The Promise of Love
Deodato- In Concert Airto
Deodato- Knights of Fantasy
Paul Winter- Sun Singer
I also had Ramsey Lewis' "Salongo"
but the Record was Warped
I was Pissed..........

Anyway I Will Keep you posted for more albums im posting up.

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